19 Things to Look For When Buying a House

19 Things to look out for when buying a house – There are a great many things to look out for when buying a house, flat or apartment. Missing some of them could cost you serious money, inconvenience or distress.


The A-Z of Joint Ownership

Buying a property with someone else can have major practical and financial advantages – including saving up for a deposit, getting a mortgage and paying household bills.But what exactly is joint ownership or co-ownership? What does it mean? What are the pros and cons?

The Easiest Ways to Buy a Home

So you are not a homeowner now and you want to become one…Have you ever thought that it’s impossible to get on the property ladder – due to obstacles such as lack of affordability and difficulties in saving the deposit? Of course you have!


It is not just sensible to buy a property with someone else, it is smart and can save you a ton of money, time and effort in many cases. When it comes to property buying, two is often better than one.