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Steps to Buying a House or Flat

The steps to buying a house, flat or apartment are not at all difficult or complex. The process is fairly

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Buying a House Without Money!

You Can Buy a House Without Money! – So you want to own your own home, but you don’t have any money. You don’t have a penny in savings. Can you buy your own home without any money of your own  – or is that just pie in the sky?


Home ownership is definitely becoming more difficult in many parts of the country as issues of affordability begin to bite and buyers find it harder than ever to raise the precious deposit needed to secure the home loan they need. 


There are two main mortgage types – repayment and interest only. Most people buying a home are not doing so with an interest only mortgage – they are using a repayment mortgage instead.  Why is that and are they making the right decision by doing so?


If you are uncertain whether to buy your own home, think of doing so as a great investment. Many people look on home ownership as a taking on huge risky debt, but for many if not most people it is typically their biggest and best performing investment – dwarfing returns made from self-employment,