Greetings everybody!

First an explanation, then a thank you.




Even though I only launched my blog a few days ago, I am going to start a new blog category.

As well as covering SELF-IMPROVEMENT, MONEY AND PROPERTY, I am going to freewheel from time to time with my observations – commenting on literally anything, when the mood strikes me.  

Definition of freewheeling: characterized by a disregard for rules or conventions; unconstrained or uninhibited.

Just the sort of thing a rebel property coach may do.

Self-indulgent? Perhaps. But for that you have to blame my first ever employee Marilyn

She came up with the idea. She’s messaged me to say readers might like to get a sense of the real me, the person behind the blogs  – and for probably the first time in my life I agree with her, reluctantly.

Freewheel blogging will allow me to say it as I see it without wasting the time of highly motivated, serious business-minded people who want to know how to become property millionaires fast and don’t care too much for me or my views.

Blogging on SELF-IMPROVEMENT, MONEY AND PROPERTY is going to be hardwork and serious stuff, and I can see that the freedom to blog on anything that takes my fancy could be much-needed light relief, relaxation or a laugh – every now and then.

A word of warning  – I don’t have the secret to time. So these blogs are not going to swamp anyone; once a week  – if that – is the likely offering at the present time.  Also, they will usually be short.

And of course, if you are not interested in this sort of thing, you can easily avoid it. My freewheeling blogs  will have their own little section, titled ‘Ramblings of the Rebel’ under the tab ‘Rebel’.

By the way, Marilyn is doing just fine after working with me for many years. She is running a successful law practice in paradise island Barbados, and she still has not thanked me for giving her the long paid sabbatical which led to her decision to swap Harrow for the Caribbean.




The responses to my blogs have been great. So good, I am not planning to shut up shop anytime soon. My initial contact has been with people I know and so I was only partly expecting to be annihilated.

Mega thanks to everyone who took the trouble to respond to my blog launch, especially those sending me kind or encouraging words. I keep telling people it is healthier to be nice than nasty.

Here are a few of the comments:

Maria – ‘Dynamite’

Paul – ‘Best blog site I have ever seen’ (honestly, he should have gone to Specsavers!)

Gary – ‘Very interesting read’

Samantha – ‘Awesome’

Saleem – ‘I saw a different side of you’

 Chris – ‘Very good Dalton’

 Ian – ‘Blog looks very slick and professional’

Raymond (a man not afraid of speaking his mind) – ‘A good read’.

I admit that no-one was subject to a lie detector test! Straight up, I did not hand out any cash!

I especially like this comment: ‘How do you intend to monetise this (blog)’. That came from Donald – clearly a realist. A man with my kind of mindset.

‘Blogging gives me such a thrill, but blogging sure don’t pay my bills’. Thanks of course to Motown songwriter Barrett Strong.

Donald has also left sunny England permanently, and is over in Ivory Coast working on an exciting project to digitalise the selling process of corner shops across the country.

Is there a story about good people leaving the UK?  Is there a trend? Are there good, sound reasons? This is certainly a topic I will come back to another time.

Everyone wants to tell the UK story of immigration, but what about the story of emigration?

Oh and yes, of course, there were a few less than inspiring responses to my blog  (thank goodness a very small minority).

The worse responses were those that didn’t respond at all.  Naturally, there is still plenty of time for them to do so. Don’t be shy people! I can take it on the chin.

I have been telling everybody that blogging is only sane if the blogger is engaging with an interested audience. The easiest way to end my blogging career is to ignore me.

The power is with you. You choose!




A couple of people have been asking me about the frequency of my main blog on MINDSET, MONEY AND PROPERTY.

Usually, I will be doing up to three blogs each week.

For now, bye – and remember:

Ideas without action are a waste of time and space.

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Rebel Property Coach

21st February 2018