UK Real Estate Coaching by Dalton Barrett

I expect you are busy so I am going to keep this as short as possible.

I am a property solicitor, conveyancer, advisor, investor, blogger, and author.  I guess that makes me pretty experienced in real estate matters!

Based in London, I am also a property coach and mentor.

You can learn a great deal about property on your own, but there is a limit to how far you can go under your own steam. The phrase that may sum up your predicament is: You don’t know what you don’t know.

I provide one-on-one, bespoke coaching and mentoring assistance to anyone looking to master the super-profitable real estate strategies which work in the UK and, indeed, most other parts of the world.

I am especially referring to strategies such as:

✓ Buy to rent
✓ Serviced accommodation
✓ HMOs
✓ Rent to rent
✓ Property flipping
✓ Buy, refurbish, rent and repeat
✓ Delayed completion strategies
✓ Strategies using bridging loans
✓ Strategies using options
And many more strategies unknown to the average property investor

I am not going to make you dizzy with excitement by telling you that you can become “financially free” through property in 7 days …when, possibly, you don’t have any funds to invest and have never owned a property in your life!    

My currency is the application of knowledge…based on facts and experience.

Armed with knowledge and information, and individually helped by the right assistance, expertise and guidance, it is not especially difficult to become financially free through property.

It is how you go about things…

Attending a property meeting, workshop, seminar, masterclass or course can leave you fired up and raring to go. However, it is easy to lose enthusiasm or make the wrong turn if you lack the hands-on information or support you personally need.

Feel free to contact me if you want to take an ethical, effective, practical, relaxed, realistic, knowledge-based approach to mastering the property strategies that can seriously grow your wealth.   

I offer a range of coaching packages including:

  • One-off consultation – this is where you consult me on a single matter, strategy, project, issue or problem on a one-off basis. For instance, you may want help in structuring, drafting or analysing a particular property deal or transaction which is outside your comfort zone. Charge: £200 for consultations up to 2 hours in length 
  • Specific assistance – this is where I help you to correctly understand, analyse and successfully execute a specific property project, plan or strategy. This service can also be used where you want expert   help  with a particular issue, problem or dispute that has arisen. Charge: by agreement depending on time input
  • On-going assistance – this is where you retain me for a fixed period of  6 months to 2 years to provide structured ongoing coaching and ancillary services based on an agreed programme. Charge: by agreement depending on time input.

Remember that I provide a bespoke service, tailored to your specific needs or requirements. I don’t provide a one-size fits all service.  I will tailor my coaching and mentoring services to match your individual needs…wherever you are in the world.

As I provide a bespoke service, my fees will typically depend on your exact requirements and circumstances.  However, I have been told, my fees are very competitive compared to other bespoke providers. Further, you will always have the comfort of a fixed agreed fee, enabling you to know your financial outlay from the outset.

At the risk of sounding corny, my goal is to help you become the best property investor version of yourself:

  • If you don’t have single property at the moment, I want to help you get your first property
  • If you have a portfolio already, I want to get you into the millionaire or multi-millionaire league…if that is where you want to go
  • If your goal is not to acquire properties but to set-up, run or scale a property business, I want to help you get there as soon as possible. 

→  Dedicated property coaching programme/training
→  Agreed course of action prior to start of programme/training
→  Internal complaints procedure
→  Registered with PRS
→  ICO registered
→  PI Insurance
→  Property strategies blogger
→  Social media engagement
→  Coaching & mentoring in multiple businesses as the owner

For more information, please feel free to contact me at your convenience:   

Mobile: +44 7974 267635

I blog under the name Rebel Property Coach at

Dalton Barrett