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I am going to be direct here. Property WAS one of the best, easiest investments out there. But that was before the politicians saw how good it was.

We now have a government which seems determined to go after property investors like the homicidal maniac in Texas Chainsaw Massacre went after the unfortunate visitors to his farm.

The risks and costs of becoming and remaining a property investor have shot up sharply in recent years. Tax benefits have been snatched and regulation seems never ending.

Smart property investors will not want to walk around with their eyes closed in these dangerous times.

I have been in the property game for a long time – rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck in at various levels – lawyer, investor, writer, mentor and thinker.

I have got more than a few t-shirts. The one I got for thinking is the one I am most proud of.

Action is essential for success – but thinking about what may be around the corner is essential if failure is to be avoided. It is great to pull in the millions, but if you don’t keep your eyes and ears open – as sure as night meets day – the government  will snatch back the millions from you – with interest!

Everyone is chasing after the rewards of property investment, but too few people seem bothered about the risks.

And so, what is at the top of my agenda is helping to identify and spread knowledge and information about property trends or changes which can either grow or destroy property people or businesses – depending on how they are dealt with.

I started blogging on property because I wanted to give away, pass on and coach the key information and insights I have learnt about how to ethically start, scale and maintain a successful property business.

A few people have asked me “Who are you catering for…who are you focussing on?”

There is usually a look of surprise when I say “Everyone!”

The conventional wisdom, is that every blogger should have a small niche focus. But of course, as The Rebel Property Coach, convention was never going to be my thing.

I see it like this: I am holding a party for the big property people – the guys who can boogey on down like there is no tomorrow. But I invite the small guys too. How else are they going to learn the big people’s moves?

My blogs are for property newbies struggling to get on the first rung of the property ladder – but they are also for those who want to tear up the turf in the property millionaire fast lane.

For me they, like all other property people,  need the same basic things for success – mindset, help, experience, knowledge, time and money…in no particular order. 

Rebel Property Coach

Dalton Barrett