1. Great information, very nicely written. Think I will 100% follow these steps as this will help me achieve my dream to become a property millionaire.

    1. Great! Glad you liked the blog Vik. I’ll be writing several similar blogs soon please keep an eye one for them. Also, check out the “Next Level” section to help you achieve your dreams of becoming a property millionaire.

  2. Love your easy to read style. It gives hope to those looking for financial stability or to those who need to get out of debt and stay out of debt, using tried and tested formulas for developing and nurturing good spending habits and saving habits alike. Needless to say there’s lots of information to be had – finance and other related matters, like buying your own home, property investing and other investment options and their related pitfalls so please keep the blogs coming. I have also found it beneficial to read again and again some of the information and strategies detailed in your book; Quick House Deposit: 50 Ways to put together a deposit in 6 months.

  3. Great advice. Actually reminds me of when I first bought a property and the things I went through. Definitely very useful for someone looking to buy. Mortgage readiness planning is I think very important.

  4. Ground rents are certainly something to look out for. I remember reading somewhere that the government were considering capping them at £10 on new leases. Any idea what became of this?

  5. The private rented sector certainly needs a shake up as to reflect modern living. Although as you skilfully point out policies which sound enticing on the surface e.g rent control, can in actuality work to the detriment of the people they are trying to help.

    1. I think a revolution is coming in the private rental sector. The current government initiatives are simply the start of things to come. If there is a change of government I’m sure there will be plenty of work for the lawyers.

  6. What an insightful article! It actually highlights the challenges facing the future pensioners and what to do about it! Great advice!

  7. In this day and age the BOMAD is the safest option, as it allows you to go forward with financial nightmarish restrictions. Thanks Dalton.

  8. This is such a timely blog. Very informative. Without expertise advice and wisdom how many people suffer because of lack of true knowledge.
    Thank you Dalton. Much appreciated for this blog.

  9. I like the point you brought up when you mentioned that by turning your home and yard into a welcoming environment, you will make people want to buy your home even more. My wife and I learned last week that we need to move out of the house sooner than we expected. I wonder if a house-buying company would be a good thing for us to look into.

  10. Without proper guidance we stumble and fall.
    Thank you for your information and insight.

  11. Rebel Property Coach has got it spot on again! Given the property prices, BOMAD is more significant than ever! Useful advice

  12. Social Media can be both a blessing and a curse. Coming from a time when information was hard to find before the internet and it took time to go to library, now it seems there is an overflow of information and it takes even more time to sort out what is useful. On the other hand, isn’t it wonderful that one can Google a question or post a request and find things out or get help very quickly?

  13. It’s surprising how many people don’t know about these. Also, many people are confused about the difference between shared ownership and co-ownership. This is a clear, succinct and helpful article, thank you for sharing.