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Money is a big player in any property story.

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If you have got the time and the inclination,  check out the explanation stuff below


You will often hear property people say that property success is about money, time and knowledge.

My position is that mindset, help, experience, knowledge, time and money – in no particular order – are key to success. 

One thing is undeniable, money is important.

Property success is undoubtably possible without having any money of your own. You can certainly start a kick-ass property journey without money. But somewhere along the line, money becomes fundamental to every property goal, plan or strategy.

It’s not merely about having the money to buy a property or to embark on a property plan.  In many ways, that is the easy bit.

Everyone knows about money when it comes to acquiring a property. But money is equally if not more important at the many other stages of property ownership.

Continued property success involves mastering things such as:

  • Saving money
  • Earning money
  • Securing money
  • Conserving money
  • Investing money
  • Maximising interest
  • Maximising yields or returns
  • Minimising expenses
  • Minimising tax.

Becoming a property winner is not just about mastering strategies and mindsets – money mastery is also a  must-have. 

Rebel Property Coach

Dalton Barrett