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The Three Pillars of Property Success

This is my very first blog and my decision to blog is partly about me, and partly about you – the millions, no billions,  of you out there needing, wanting or deserving financial equality, well-being or abundance – and wanting to do so by investing in PROPERTY or, as the Americans call it, REAL ESTATE.

I have been working like a donkey, but successfully, in the corporate and business world of London for many years now – mainly in property, law and leisure  – and have reached a point where I want to do something very different (for me) and to share (with you) the knowledge, experience and expertise I have acquired over the years.

Wealth inequality

But sharing my knowledge is only a part of the story. My bigger motivation is trying to do what I can to redress the grossly unequal distribution of wealth across the globe.

1% of the world’s population own 50% of the world’s household wealth – Credit Suisse global wealth report, November 2017.

In some individual countries the stats will be even worse.

Redressing this imbalance, which is getting worse not better, will not happen overnight. But investing in property is one of the easiest, quickest and most effective ways to do so.

The problem at one level is very simple. Almost everybody sees the need to get a job, but far fewer people understand the need to invest.

Working for a living is fine but if on retirement you have no assets worthy of the name, something has gone seriously wrong.

In most countries in the world, investing in property is the  most reliable way to make big capital gains, to secure wealth – to insure against poverty and inequality.

At this point let me be clear on terminology. For me, any purchase of a property is an investment  – because of the likelihood of long term capital growth.

Put simply, property is usually an appreciating asset. Time alone is normally enough to push up its value.

My blog is for anyone who wants to buy residential property, as a home or as a source of income or capital, be it one property or a 1000.

The new gold

This is absolutely the ‘Information Age’ and knowledge, enhanced by experience, truly is the new gold.

From years in business, experiencing the downs as well as the ups, I think I have quite a bit of gold, and I am only too pleased to give it away.

By subscribing to my blog you will learn what it takes to be a successful property owner or entrepreneur. Week after week, I will be writing about things like:

  • How to own your first property

  • Why, the world over, property is seen as the best asset to invest in

  • How money is not necessarily the most important thing – time and knowledge often are

  • How to identify and execute the right property strategy for you

  • How to achieve and sustain your property success

  • How to protect your wealth from government and the taxman.

Don’t worry that I am in London UK and my knowledge is based on the UK property market.

My blogs will contain free, useful, practical and valuable information relevant to residential property investors right across the world.

National laws and regulations differ, but property trends, principles, practices and strategies are pretty much the same the world over.

However, they don’t happen at the same time in every country.

That could present you with advantages and opportunities.

If a particular trend or strategy has not yet reached your country or is only at an early stage, you will have the advantage of prior knowledge.

The benefits of subscribing to my blog

By subscribing to my blog you will get high value articles, newsletters, reports, guides, lessons, checklists, tips, videos and other information sent to your mailbox regularly  – FREE information which could cost you thousands of pounds elsewhere.

If you want one-to-one to advice and assistance, you can sign up to my property mentoring scheme.

My shop will showcase products and services likely to help you on your property journey.

Rebel Property Coach

Someone said to me that I should give myself a blog name if I was going to blog. I wasn’t that keen on the idea  – what’s wrong with my real name I thought. But they were in the business and I was just a newbie, so I listened.

Why ‘Rebel Property Coach’?

I am not going to write or talk about property with the conventional predictability of the average property blogger or vlogger.

I am not always going to trot out the textbook stuff – the stuff you usually see online and in magazines and newspapers. I am going to say it as I see it.

That means throwing in the occasional conceptual, ideological or intellectual grenade, upsetting a few people, going against the norm, rattling a few cages. Not for the fun of it – but when I think it necessary.

The real world is very rarely all sweetness and light, so why should I be?

Three ingredients for property success

I am a property coach and property is my main focus – my number one subject. But my blog content is not just about property.

That’s because being a successful property investor is a 3 pillar exercise. It’s about:

  • Having the right mindset

  • The ability to secure funds

  • Choosing and executing individually appropriate property strategies​

For me then, the three pillars for property success are:

  1. Mindset

  2. Money

  3. Strategy.

That is why my blog topics are self-improvement and money as well as property.

Long term sustained property success – in my experience – is not possible where the property investor is lacking in one or more of the three pillars. Knowing about property alone is not enough.

The importance of the 3 pillars of property success

Having the right mindset to choose and plan goals, to revise and improve them when necessary, and to persist with them through inevitable challenges and problems is essential.

You may have money or access to money but if you don’t have the knowledge or resources to identify and action the right property strategy, you are unlikely to secure ongoing or long term success.

You may be great at sniffing out profitable property deals, with great contacts and plenty of time on your hands, but if you don’t have or cannot source the money needed to set things in motion, you are unlikely to get very far.

Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to own one or even a few properties without mastering the 3 property pillars: mindset, money and strategy.

However, in the long term this is a ‘house built on sand’ situation; there are no firm foundations, and eventually the house is likely to come tumbling down.

I know so many property investors without the mindset for true success, long term and lasting success. They have a few properties already – sometimes quite a few – but because they never started with a clear goal or plan; they are just drifting along aimlessly.

If they are not careful, their wealth will wither away as recent changes in the taxation of UK rental income means more and more of their profit is being snatched away each year by the government.

Often they don’t have an exit strategy – which means all or most of their wealth could be wiped out by inheritance tax when they die.

It is a similar story with people I know who are looking to buy their first property. All too often I see a glass half-full mentality. There is a frightening lack of confidence and belief in so many people.

Excuses are plentiful:

  • I don’t have the money

  • I have a full time job, I don’t have the time

  • I don’t know anything about property

  • Prices are going to crash

  • I will do it when I am older.

Cultivating the right mindset is for me the main ingredient to property success. You will see me hammering home this point, blog after blog.

A person who truly wants to succeed will succeed.

Finally though a word of caution.

Positive belief can lead to limitless  property wealth – but only if matched by considered action. Put another way, thoughts without deeds, change pretty much nothing.

Rebel Property Coach