The Hottest Property Strategies Right Now

Have you ever wondered which are the most popular and effective property strategies being carried out by UK property investors right now? Are you worried about choosing the wrong strategy – about getting involved in something that does not work in the current climate and could easily leave you out

3 Best Property Strategies UK|Low Money

Do you want to make a six figure salary in property starting with little or no money?Perhaps you have thought about it and concluded it’s impossible.You may even have tried to do it…and given up ingloriously. After all, it’s a pipe dream, isn’t it?But the shocking truth is that many people have done it and are doing it right now!


Ground rent investment is one of those killer property strategies not many people know about. It is a strategy you don’t need a fortune to get involved in, but it is very much a slow burner in terms of investment benefits. 


A killer property strategy which is known to many is “flipping”– the practice of buying a property cheaply, doing it up and selling it on. It is a strategy you can use to make large capital sums on a regular basis – but it is a sophisticated strategy and you underestimate it at your peril.