Basic UK Property Taxation

Basic UK property taxation is about the taxes which typically apply to investment property when it is rented, sold or

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3 Super Smart Property Moves

3 Super Smart Property Moves – In the world of property there is no shortage of people who in relation to one or more of their properties have failed to do the right thing, took a wrong turn or reached the wrong decision. This blog looks at 3 simple and fundamental things all property owners or landlords can do to minimise the risk of looking back with anger, regret or disappointment

3 Best Property Strategies UK

Do you want to make a six figure salary in property starting with little or no money?Perhaps you have thought about it and concluded it’s impossible.You may even have tried to do it…and given up ingloriously. After all, it’s a pipe dream, isn’t it?But the shocking truth is that many people have done it and are doing it right now!

Are You Property Entrepreneur Material?

What Being a Property Entrepreneur is All About -Despite a government onslaught in recent years, becoming a property entrepreneur remains one of the easiest ways to become a millionaire. Having money is probably not the most important ingredient for being a successful property entrepreneur.  


It’s time to wish everyone a Merry Property Christmas and a Profitable New Year! Good wishes and good health to one and all wherever you are in the world! But did you know the festive period can help to make real your property dreams?