The A-Z of Joint Ownership

Buying a property with someone else can have major practical and financial advantages – including saving up for a deposit, getting a mortgage and paying household bills.But what exactly is joint ownership or co-ownership? What does it mean? What are the pros and cons?

The Easiest Ways to Buy a Home

So you are not a homeowner now and you want to become one…Have you ever thought that it’s impossible to get on the property ladder – due to obstacles such as lack of affordability and difficulties in saving the deposit? Of course you have!

How to Buy a Property in London

This blog explains what is involved in buying a house in the leading world city, as a home or to rent out, and is primarily aimed at ex-pats and foreign nationals – but is good too for UK residents unfamiliar with the intricacies of buying.


You may want to buy a property off-plan, before it has been built, in the hope that its value will increase by the time it is  built. But there is never any certainty that will be the case and if that is your reason, you are playing with fire.


It is necessary to be cautious and careful when buying a leasehold property. There are many risks involved and you can lose a lot of money and have a lot of problems if you don’t go about things the right way.


We are being told all the time that millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996) are not into house buying for “lifestyle reasons”. Is that even true? If it is, those millennials are being seriously reckless about their future.