I am the Rebel Property Coach,  Dalton Barrett.

I have been talking money, property and wealth for ages with the people around me. Many have been listening to me, but not enough. Now I have decided to talk to the whole wide world.


As a lawyer, property investor, entrepreneur and writer I should have a few things to say – and the truth is I have more than a few.

What’s got me in turbo-chat mode is a sense of anger and injustice at the way in which the UK Government is hell-bent on destroying the little guys – the small investors, the solopreneurs, the buy-to-let landlords. 

At the same time it is making absolutely no attempt to challenge the worldwide corporate giants (you know who they are) who are making billions by the second and paying pennies in taxes (you know what I mean).



Thankfully it is not a hopeless situation – though it is easy to develop a negative mindset. Sadly, I see that no-can-do, fear-ridden mindset everywhere.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. The internet and social media give the little people a once in a millennium chance to crowd together and fight back. It is a chance we miss at our peril.


Recently I have been honing my focus more than ever on property – real estate as they say in some parts of the world.

The picture is becoming clearer with every passing day. The biggest and most important reservoir of wealth on the planet is property – and every day it is falling quietly into fewer and fewer hands.



Not sure what I am talking about?

Well, think a little about property prices here in the UK. Property prices have become so unaffordable the government has been pushing hard its policy of “shared ownership”.

“You can’t afford to buy the whole property?

No problem, says our government. Buy a share instead…start off with 25% and buy more later.”

Sounds good – on the surface.


Recently I have become a bit more critical and have been gazing into my crystal ball. Property prices are only going to continue to rise – with no sign at all that average wages can keep pace; that 25% is going to reduce not increase with time.

So what happens when the everyday people are buying say 5% shares in property? Who will be owning the 95%?

For me, it is a truly scary thought and a truly scary future.



But as an optimist I do not believe the die is set. We are not past the point of no return.

There is still time for current and future generations to turn back the clock.

Everyday people everywhere need to focus on acquiring the timeless capital which property brings. Fast.

My goal is to help people everywhere, anywhere I can, in any corner of the world, to buy, hold and add value to property for themselves, families and loved ones.


Recently a few people have started to call me “the property buyer’s friend”. I want it to be more!

I have the knowledge and experience and above all the will. Get in touch with me fast if you want to take care of the future of you and your loved ones by buying property – whether as your residence or as an investment – especially if you are not swimming in money.

There is no time like the present. Never be afraid or ashamed to build property wealth for you and your loved ones in an ever harsher world.

If you don’t look after your best interests, who will?