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Property Musketeers Action Report 1 looks at the progress being made by members of the Property Mustketeers Group. 

In terms of property projects, planning  and action, it’s great to see that several property musketeers, myself included,  have hit the ground running on joining the Property Musketeers Group.

The Property Musketeers Action Report will record progress by members happy to spread the news of their activities.  The objective is to encourage, engage, educate and inspire others.

Some members are a bit shy at the moment. However, hopefully over time, every member will want to share their wins and losses.

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Progress reports will vary. Sometimes the focus will be on short summaries of how a handful of members are doing – such as in this report.

On other occasions, there will be more detailed reports or case studies featuring one or two members only.

Property Musketeers Group membership has now reached 10, half way to the target of 20. Congratulations to everyone who has joined so far.

Learn about the benefits of being a member of the Property Musketeers Group here

Musketeer R –  Major house refurbishment and building

Musketeer R operates out of North London.

Musketeer R has been burning the midnight oil to finish off his BTL house refurbishment project in north London.


The refurbishment included building a large extension, rewiring and replumbing. Musketeer R has been hard at work on the project for several months, while holding down a full-time job.


The works have added significant value to the property and  should be a big boost to rental yield.


The property was sourced for Musketeer R by another musketeer – illustrating the benefit of collaboration.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Property Musketeers Group, email Rebel Property Coach Dalton Barrett at:

Musketeer M – Property management services

Musketeer M operates out of Surrey.

Musketeer M is in the process of starting up a business offering property management services to buy-to-let landlords large and small.


She will be providing buy-to-let landlords and investors with a range of property services. Those services will include cleaning, domicilary services, handyman services and painting and decorating

Musketeer M wants to concentrate on an area of London where large numbers of new flats are being built. That will offer her a ready supply of potential customers.


She wants to link up with landlords before they sign up with established managing agents. She intends to compete against bigger players by providing a cost-effective service with the emphasis on customer care.


Last week she was on foot looking around Vauxhall and Nine Elms Battersea. That is an area where massive redevelopment is taking place.  Similar areas she will be exploring include Canary Wharf, Stratford and Wembley.

Read about the huge redevelopment at Vauxhall and Nine Elms Battersea here

Musketeer M’s message to the group: 

♦ The day I went to Vauxhall to check out opportunities in the area it was raining cats and dogs. It was very unpleasant as I was on foot. 

♦However I managed to get some phone numbers of useful contacts. My next plan is to start writing down the service packages I will be offering to property owners.

Learn about the benefits of being a member of the Property Musketeers Group here

Musketeer D – Co-working office project

Musketeer D operates out of East London.

Musketeer D has started the process to convert his office in Farringdon EC1 into co-working, flexible office spaces. Co-working has become extremely popular in recent years, with WeWork leading the way.

My London co-working office project…First walk-through video:

The objective is to create a mini business hub for a handful of small businesses run by one or two people or freelancers. As a result, start-up businesses will be especially welcomed.  There will be private offices, hot-desks and a chill out area.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Property Musketeers Group, email Rebel Property Coach Dalton Barrett at:

Musketeer D wants to attract occupiers providing professional services in areas such as law, real estate property, mortgage brokerage, accounts and tax. However, any professional business, enterprise or freelancer will be considered.


The expectation is that occupiers will have a lot in common and will be able to benefit from close proximity and inter-action.


Musketeer D’s message to the group: 

♦ I have been involved with property for a very long time. I  think the main thing is to have a plan and to put it into operation fearlessly. It doesn’t have to be a large or amazing plan. 

♦The key thing is to put the plan into operation without over-thinking things.  


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Musketeer I – Conversion of outbuilding to a granny flat

Musketeer I operates out of the North West of England.

Musketeer I is at the preparatory stage of converting her outbuilding into more useful and valuable space.

The outbuilding has been used as a garage/shed in the past – and is now used for storage.


At the time of buying her home, Musketeer I identified the large outbuilding as having the potential to add value.


Accordingly, she intends to convert the outbuilding to a “granny flat”. However, she is also looking at alternatives – including conversion to a studio for creatives.


Consistent with musketeer principles, another musketeer is going to help in terms of narrowing down the options. The other musketeer will also provide help with project management once building works start.

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Do you want to be featured in the next issue of Property Musketeers Action Report?  If so, please contact me with your story. 

Do you have any questions or comments you wish to share? You don’t need to be a group member to raise questions or comment.  

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