Bin the Fear and Buy the Property!

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Bin the fear and buy the property. Money often stops people from getting onto the property ladder. However, mindset weaknesses can be an even bigger obstacle.

  • Buying a property is not especially hard
  • What is challenging is curating the right mindset

How hard is it really to buy a property?

Given thought, effort and application, it is not some huge difficult thing to buy a house…to live in or to rent out as an investment.

So why do so many people find it difficult to buy that property they really want to buy – even though the years are clocking up? Not to mention the prices.

Lack of a deposit is often cited as the main obstacle. However, that is frequently a red herring. A sub-conscious excuse!

Very often the real reason is a deep-seated fear of taking on the challenge and responsibility of property ownership – especially if there is an obstacle or two to overcome – such as low earnings or a bad credit record.    

Property mindset negativity

Are you afflicted by such mindset negativity?  You can be, without even knowing it!

Is the perceived difficulty and complexity of the task scaring you off? Is the money part leaving you in a cold sweat?

If so, you would not be the first to fall victim to mindset apprehension.

The good news is that there is a simple solution.

If you want to buy a property, any property, and time is rolling on with no progress worthy of the name, you need to stand up to the deep-rooted mindset fears shackling your progress.

Here are six things you can do to bin the fear and buy that property you really want to buy:

1. Get knowledge

2. Seek advice

3. Follow advice

4. Act fast

5. Expect hurdles

6. Be persistent

I like to call them “the six fear smashing steps”.


1. Get knowledge

Knowledge and confidence go hand in hand. You often hear the phrase “fear of the unknown”.

It is a phrase fully justified.

It is risky and potentially dangerous to get involved in something about which you know very little.

If you have never owned a property before, educate yourself on the steps and procedures of purchasing a property. Read blogs, books and magazines; listen to podcasts; watch YouTube videos.

Deep dive into property portals and the websites of estate agents.

If you’re planning on buying a property to rent out before you own your own home, read about rentvesting.

If you plan to buy somewhere to rent out (buy-to-let), find out as much about the topic as you can.

Never assume you know all there is to know about a property topic – even if you have bought properties in the past and already own several.

You can never have too much knowledge; there is always something important that you don’t know.

Further, knowledge changes all the time; what was true or worked yesterday may not be true or work today.   


2. Seek advice

As good as you may be at acquiring knowledge, you will always benefit from seeking advice or assistance from an expert or specialist.

Seek out input from property people like estate agents, solicitors, mortgage brokers and lenders. 

Part of overcoming fear is having the confidence of knowing that you are armed with good information or advice from someone who knows the ropes.

What is there to worry about when you have the benefit of an expert guide?

The better the quality of advice you seek, the greater your confidence that you are doing the right thing, the quicker you are likely to press ahead with your property-owning goals.

3. Follow advice

Of course it’s not enough to seek out good advice, you also need to take or follow that advice.

Experts and specialists are not great at giving good advice by accident. Their status is typically the product of years of knowledge, experience and expertise.

By taking their advice, you can eliminate the doubt and uncertainty as to whether you are doing the right thing.

True, sometimes you may need to pay for their service. However don’t see that as negative – welcome it as a positive,  empowering you to proceed free of worry, and with confidence.


4. Act fast

Once you have topped up your knowledge and taken expert advice, it is important not to delay a day longer than necessary.

Procrastination kills.

Write down a simple, realistic plan for acquiring the property you want to own. 

Your plan should address the price range you can afford, the deposit you will need, your mortgage readiness and the timescale. 

Review your plan regularly, adjusting it as necessary, taking advice where needed. 

Property coach module

5. Expect hurdles

Don’t expect your plan to be plain sailing. If it is, that’s a bonus.

If you are ready for hurdles, it is easier to jump them when they appear.

A common hurdle is not being able to get a large enough mortgage. If that happens, consider other lenders and practical alternatives, such as co-ownership.

Where there is a hurdle you can’t negotiate, speak to your expert advisers  – rely on their knowledge, experience or expertise to find a solution.


6. Be persistent

Persistence is the biggie. Keep going until you achieve your goal – get the property you want.

Sometimes hurdles are difficult or time-consuming to overcome. That should not be your cue to give up.

For instance, your credit record may be so bad, you can’t get a mortgage which is affordable.

Don’t walk away.  You have done the crime (messed up your credit record),  be prepared to do the time (wait until you can clean it up).

Whatever the setback, take it in your stride and go again. 


Buying a property is one of the best performing investments everyday people can get their hands on. 

But millions of people never overcome the deep inner fear that stops them from becoming a property owner. Basically, they are knocking back the chance to amass substantial wealth.

Follow the six fear smashing steps highlighted in this blog to curate your mindset to acquire any property you truly want or need.

Bin the fear and buy that property!

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Have you been affected by that deep inner fear which stops people from becoming a property owner? Is it something you managed to overcome and, if so, how did you manage to do so? Please leave your observations or comments below.

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  1. Great advice. Actually reminds me of when I first bought a property and the things I went through. Definitely very useful for someone looking to buy. Mortgage readiness planning is I think very important.

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