Reclaiming Your Time From Social Media

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Reclaiming Your Time From Social Media is super-important.

  • Social media can be an awesome tool for property success
  • The downside is it can end up devouring your time

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Do you want to make money from property but feel social media is not really helping you?

Do you see it as a two-edged sword ?

Helpful to find out about opportunities and build contacts, but taking up a vast amount of your time unproductively?

End result – you feel the social media tail is wagging the property dog?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

That is exactly how I used to feel until I cracked the social media code for property people – investors and entrepreneurs. I learnt how to reclaim my valuable time back from social media. 

Reclaiming your time back from social media means focussing on four things:

1. Take control of your mobile

2. Have a social media schedule or timetable

3. Be selective with podcast-listening

4. Use YouTube, don’t let YouTube use you

1. Take control of your mobile

It seems pretty clear that most people these days are controlled by their phones. Just have a look around when you are on a bus, tube or train.  Pretty much everyone is transfixed to their phone. 

And if they are property people, what are they doing? Are they sourcing amazing cheap properties? Are they making great profitable deals?  Probably not. 

Chances are they are just addictively browsing through news, information or updates without any specific purpose or goal.

To get your time back from social media, the first thing you need to do is to reclaim your phone.

Control your phone don’t let your phone control you.

The key thing to look at is notifications – push type and email type. Stop all notifications apart from any you absolutely need to have for work or similar reason.

With notifications kicked into touch, it should be easier for you to cut down on the time you spend idly checking your phone – time that, for most of us, can easily run into several hours a day.   

If you go to bed with your phone, don’t. Don’t leave it by the bedside cabinet; put it somewhere out of reach.

If your phone is at hand, it is easy to start scrolling through it for hours – at a time of day when you are tired and probably least able to make use of the information in front of you.


2. Have a social media schedule or timetable

Something else that will make a big difference is to create “a social media timetable” which broadly sets out when you will go on social media and how long you will stay on each of your platforms.

It is probably best practice to write down the schedule at the outset; if you keep to it, it should in time become a lasting habit.

Block off a certain amount of time each day for checking, viewing and updating on your sites.

For example, you could block off an hour in the morning, an hour in the middle of the day and an hour at night. Pre-decide the time you will spend on each platform during those periods.

If there are 5 platforms you use, you could timetable 12 minutes for each in each session. 

If you find it impossible to keep to your schedule, consider the “nuclear option” of removing platforms or apps from your phone – accessing them by your laptop or desktop alone.

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3. Be selective with podcasts

Because podcasts are so easy to consume they can become quite addictive.

When you find a podcast you like, it is easy to binge through the back catalogue, spending scores of hours you don’t really have.

That was certainly a problem I experienced. The podcasts were high quality, interesting and very informative, but I was not prioritising my target information and was seriously over-spending on time.

The solution I discovered was to identify the property topics where I needed podcast knowledge and then specifically seek out podcasts providing that knowledge, using the search facility of my podcast platform.

Consequently I stopped listening to podcasts because I liked the podcaster and started to listen to podcasts on specific property matters which grew my knowledge.

By searching for particular podcasts to listen to, you will acquire the knowledge which will benefit you most – finding the expertise which will better enable you to achieve your property goals or plans, faster and more time-effectively.

4. Use YouTube don’t let YouTube use you

The omnipotent YouTube algorithmic behemoth has its own plans for us every time we venture onto its platform.

YouTube presents us with the sort of videos and topics we like and keeps feeding us, with the aim of keeping us on the site for hours. And guess what? Very often we oblige – effectively wasting away scores of hours we don’t have.

The solution is to take conscious steps to control your viewing.

Using the search facility and a bit of surfing, find channels which will add the most value to your property knowledge, which will get you faster and more effectively to your property plan, goal or dream.

Subscribe to your favoured channels and enable notifications so that you are notified when they release new videos.

That way you end up watching videos you want or need to watch rather than spending hours watching the videos the algorithmic behemoth deems you should be watching.

If you are spending too much time on YouTube full stop, remove the app from your mobile to lock down that route to watching.

Using your “social media schedule” (see above), limit yourself to only watching for a specific length of time during set times of day. If you find you are over-running, use your phone timer to remind you when you have reached your limit. 

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There are many things that can come between you and your property goals – and social media is definitely one of them.

It can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals, but only if you make sure you’re using it, and it’s not using you. Follow the steps set out in this blog to succeed in reclaiming your time back from social media. 

Your comments

Do you find social media a help or a hindrance to your property goals or plans? Are you on top of social media or is it  on top of you?  Please leave your comments below.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post or on this website may be affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. I only link to products or companies I consider to be of quality.

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  1. Social Media can be both a blessing and a curse. Coming from a time when information was hard to find before the internet and it took time to go to library, now it seems there is an overflow of information and it takes even more time to sort out what is useful. On the other hand, isn’t it wonderful that one can Google a question or post a request and find things out or get help very quickly?

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