Plug Into People Power to Succeed

  • Nothing is happening to you property-wise
  • You have ran out of excuses

So you are where you are in your property journey and want to go further, higher, faster… but you’re stuck and just can’t go forward.

You feel like you are treading water and going backwards, at the same time!

This blog will tell you why you are stuck and how you can get going again…fast.

You need to focus on:

1. Why property people shy away from others
2. Why property people are no good on their own
3. Why property people perform better with help from others
4. How to connect to property people power inexpensively
5. How to get others to help you without asking
6. How to build a super powerful property people network

The message is good for you no matter where you are on the property spectrum.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned property investor with several properties or a property newbie still to buy your very first property.

The key thing is you’re unhappy with your lack of progress and want to move forward. 

1. Why property people shy away from others

Property people shy away from other property people – people who may be able to help them greatly – for a number of reasons.

Most frequently they do so due to lack of confidence. Often they fear looking stupid or being rejected.

They don’t want to look as if they are seeking information or help for nothing – they don’t want to look like free-loaders.


2. Why property people are no good on their own

To be accurate, it is not so much that property people are no good on their own – more the case that they do better with the assistance of others.

Working with others gives them a chance to benefit from the knowledge, experience and expertise of others.

They have a chance to discuss threats, weaknesses and challenges, identifying the best way to move forward. 

When they face difficult decisions, they have a chance to seek a second opinion.

Working alone deprives them of the benefit of having an “accountability partner” – someone able to assist them in attaining their goals and targets.

3. Why property people perform better with help from others

Property people benefit from working with others because property is very much a “people business”.

People working together can share knowledge and pool resources to impressive effect.

There is an opportunity for collaboration and joint ventures.

Working with experienced others can minimise risks and perils.

Several people working together can take on bigger, better and more profitable projects.


4. How to connect to property people power inexpensively

To link up powerfully and beneficially with property people to boost your success in property, focus on linking up with as many property professionals and entrepreneurs as possible.

Attend at least one property meet-up every month, committing to exchange contact details with at least 5 people at each meeting.

Connect with like-minded property people on Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar platforms.

Join several property forums and take part in the discussions, connecting with people who can provide you with useful advice and assistance.

Look to form working relationships with people with skills and experience in the specific property projects or strategies you are pursuing.

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5. How to get others to help you without asking

You may feel uneasy about directly asking other property people for help, advice or assistance.

You do not need to be head-on or in anyone’s face. 

A subtle and effective way to gain assistance is simply to explain your goals and plans to others – identifying the steps you intend to take and the assistance you anticipate you will need.

If you speak to people with the knowledge or experience to help you, they will normally be only too keen to provide you with a helping hand.

Property people are typically very friendly and accommodating, and are especially very generous with their time when it comes to helping a newbie or someone with less experience.


6. How to build a super powerful property people network

You should look to build a super powerful network of property people you can rely on when in need.

You can build such a network by taking every opportunity to engage with high quality property people, preferably people higher up the property ladder than you.

Look to exchange phone numbers, email addresses and business cards with suitable persons. Create your own directory of people with different skills – including professionals, agents and contractors. Update your diary as you meet better quality people.

Endeavour to link up with as many property people as possible by attending live events such as meet-ups, workshops, conferences, training and courses.

Look to sign up with a property coach or mentor.

They say that in property our “network” is our “net worth”; the importance of  building a comprehensive and high quality power network is therefore obvious.


Most of us see the key to our success as being in our own hands. We see ourselves as masters of our own destiny.

But that is only partly true.

To achieve ultimate property success we need to plug into the people power everywhere around us…and to keep plugged in.

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