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Especially in those parts of the country where the property market is in the doldrums, giving your property the “wow factor” could be the way to grab a buyer and secure a good price fast. 

This blog looks at some of the relatively small, quick and inexpensive things you can do to make your property stand out and endearing to buyers.

They are things you can do whether you are selling your home or a buy to let property, but they are especially effective when selling your home as you will normally be appealing to “lifestyle buyers”  as opposed to more hard-nosed investor buyers whose primary concern will be the price.

Giving your property the wow factor is doubly effective:

  • It can add value to your property
  • It can help you find a buyer faster. 

Here are some of the things you can do to give your property the wow factor and accelerate a sale…

1. Make a stunning first impression…Ensure the outside of your property is newly painted and any front garden should be immaculate  and attractive whatever the time of year.

A distinctive front door painted in a bold colour can create an impact and consider framing it with a potted plant or shrub on either side.

2. Emphasise space…Especially if you have large rooms, free them of unnecessary furniture or clutter to show off their size and potential.

That especially applies to the first area or room viewers will see on entering your property.    

3.  Use top quality flooring…Good quality flooring – such as natural wood, stone and tiles –  especially if unusual, luxury or “different” –  can create an impressive effect, particularly in large open-plan areas or large rooms.

4. Enhance period features…If you have period features such as panelled doors, stained glass, built in cupboards, cornicing, shutters, fireplaces and the like, you should ensure that they are in tip top condition, prominent and, where relevant, freshly decorated.   

5. Achieve a period feel…Give a period feel to a more modern house by exposing brick walls or beams and changing the doors to surprise and impress home-hunters.

6. Draw attention to great views…If there are fabulous views from the inside of your property, do what you can to ensure that the eyes of buyers are drawn to them – for instance by removing curtains or blinds or placing eye-catching items on window ledges.

7. Favour decorations which stand out…Light and neutral colours have many benefits but they can also seem bland and corporate.

You could compromise by decorating with neutral colours but adding in exciting splashes of bright colour or interest in the form of curtains, blinds or soft furnishings.

Feature walls of natural materials such as stone or slate may also add the “wow factor”. 

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8. Use interesting lighting…
Lighting can transform a property. Bold and impressive large light fittings can make a real statement, especially in big rooms and in kitchens and living areas.

Light features such as floor or skirting board lights are unusual and can amaze, helping to make your property stand out over others on the market.

9. Achieve a pleasing symmetrical layout…A symmetrical layout is pleasing to the eye. Where you can, organise furniture to get that elegant symmetrical look.

For example, in a bedroom you could put the bed in the middle of the room with bedside cabinets or lighting on either side. 

In a living room, you could have two sofas facing each other with an impressive coffee table in the middle.

10. Make use of plants, artwork and mirrors…Huge tropical plants in unusual pots can be stunning and interesting.

Artwork – especially if modern, bold and minimalist – can be used to add colour and impact to neutrally painted rooms.

Large mirrors can open up spaces, create multiple aspects and make rooms seem larger.   

What wow factors would you add to your home if selling? Please leave your comments, observations or questions below.

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