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Saving is good – but it is super dumb if you only save to spend unwisely…for instance, to buy a big ticket depreciating asset which is worth less than you paid for it the minute it arrives at your doorstep. 

It is not saving which is virtuous – it is what you do with the money you save.

The first rule of money is to spend on essential items only, and only when absolutely necessary.

The second rule of money is to save what you don’t spend.

The third rule of money is to invest your savings to achieve the highest level of return – to maximise your wealth. 

It’s not just about investing your savings – it’s about investing them in such a way as to make the biggest gains over the long term.

Gaining interest on your savings in a regular savings account is okay in the short term – especially during the saving process. But once you have reached your savings target, the smart strategy is to invest it safely for substantial long term gain. 


In terms of investments that are widely available, the best three – in terms of wealth maximisation – are probably:

  • Business
  • Shares
  • Property.

Depending on your preferences, age, education, knowledge and circumstances, one or more of these options may be suitable for you.

Setting up a business can be a major undertaking. Successful share investment requires a fair degree of knowledge and expertise.

Perhaps the easiest and quickest to access is property – where the benefit off gearing is possible and some forms of investment, such as buy to let, are relatively simple to set up and manage.

You should invest in the asset class you feel most comfortable with and are most confident of success.  There are many other asset classes apart from the three mentioned above.


To invest well you need time, knowledge and money. Knowledge is probably the most important element and you should seek it by educating yourself to the max in your chosen asset class.

Luckily we live in times where education and information is freely available in good quantity and quality via the internet and social media. 

Whatever your chosen investment asset, take the chance to upscale your knowledge by fully accessing relevant courses, training, websites, blogs, forums, social media sites, books, e-books, audio books, conferences, exhibitions and the like.

Be careful of the temptation to think you can learn all you need to know for free – without paying for expert advice. That may be true, that may not be true…but is it something you really want to risk when the stakes are so high?

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A key thing about investment is to think long term. A short term approach to investing can work – though likely to be more risky.

It is over the long term that assets like property and shares have a chance to safely grow and add spectacular value. 

A true investor thinks long term; a speculator thinks short term and is inclined to gamble.


It is no accident that property is frequently the high grade investment most appealing to would-be investors. There are many reasons for that including:

  • Property is a common everyday asset, people feel confident they know and understand it
  • Because property is typically a good security, lenders are willing to lend against property assets, something they would not normally do with shares…and they will require strong persuasion to fund a business 
  • Investors have the opportunity to benefit from leverage, using their purchase deposit to borrow a large percentage (typically 75%) of the purchase price, benefitting in excess of their deposit contribution in the event of property price rises or growth. 


Remember that high returns often involve high risk and you should bear that in mind when selecting investment alternatives or strategies.

Especially if you are a bit of a gambler, you should avoid taking on high risk investments. You may win and be handsomely rewarded, but if you lose, you could lose everything – destroying all your endeavours in one fell swoop.

As a good investor, you should always look to maximise your returns…but not so as to put all your assets at risk.   

What high grade investment assets have you invested in and with what success? What tips or advice would you give to anyone trying to maximise their investment returns?  Please leave your questions, observations or comments below.

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