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It’s time to wish everyone a Merry Property Christmas and a Profitable New Year! Good wishes and good health to one and all wherever you are in the world! But did you know the festive period can help to make real your property dreams?

Christmas and New Year celebrations may not be your thing – for any number of reasons. And of course that is your prerogative

But one thing is clear…the late December/early January holiday period is when people can – if they want to – meet up, celebrate, eat, drink and be merry.

1. The amazing gift of opportunity

The festive period can be a great time to accelerate attainment of your property goals.

It has an amazing gift for you whether you are:

  • A tenant looking to buy your first home
  • Someone looking to make your first property investment
  • A seasoned property investor hoping to add a new deal.

That gift is “opportunity”.

Yes, it may not seem as attractive as a shiny new smartphone, a drop dead gorgeous item of clothing or even a luxury box of Belgian or Swiss chocolates.

It is certainly not as much fun as misbehaving at a work’s Christmas party or watching some spectacular New Year’s Eve firework display over London, Sydney, New York or Paris.

But opportunity, if taken, can have surprising importance, value or usefulness.

Bridging loans (a temporary loan which can make a lasting impact)
Seller finance (the seller helps a purchaser to buy)
Lender finance (money from lenders to buy their property)


2. People galore

People are the “opportunity” being offered. Most of us meet up with more people over the Christmas period than any other time of the year.

Christmas and New Year are fabulous occasions for you to meet people. Lots of them. Some you only see once a year. Some you will only meet once in your lifetime. Strangers, acquaintances, friends and family.

For some of us, we get to see so many people, sometimes we just want to be away from it all, in a room on our own, for a moment of peace and tranquillity. 

However, if you want to make the most of the time of year, you need to make full use of the lucrative “people opportunity” that the festive period offers.

In brief, it is a time of year to max out your contact book, to sharpen up your people skills and to network like a needy politician running for office. 

The happy, full of goodwill people you meet and greet at Christmas could effortlessly lead you to the money, time or knowledge you need to:

  • Buy your first home
  • Buy your first investment property
  • Add to your property portfolio.

3. Snapping up the opportunity

Here are some practical things you can do to make the most of the “people opportunity” on offer during the festive season:

  • Talk to as many people as possible, tell them about your property dreams, fears, goals and plans
  • Find out what others are doing – if they are doing something similar to you, can you link up for mutual advantage?
  • Look out for people in the know about property – people with knowledge, experience or expertise which you may be able to use or leverage
  • Watch out for individuals who may be a valuable addition to your property power team – people like lawyers, accountants, estate agents, letting agents, managing agents, mortgage brokers, property coaches, surveyors, architects, auctioneers, builders, developers, trades people, property entrepreneurs, property sourcers, deal packagers, buy to let landlords and property investors in general
  • Use the season of goodwill to ask for something you want – perhaps you need a gift or loan to help you with a deposit, or would benefit from a partnership or joint venture
  • Hand out your business cards or exchange phone numbers
  • Give out your email and website addresses
  • Fix up meetings where you think they will help
  • Signpost any resource, benefit or opportunity you have to offer – things that your listener may be able to use or benefit  from.

Buy to let (buy and hold a property for income and/or capital growth)
Rent to buy (property is rented before it is bought)
Rent to rent (rent property to rent it on for a higher rent)

4. Conclusion

It may seem a little inappropriate to talk about serious stuff like property, business or money over the festive season.  But that should not sway you.

Opportunity is never always around forever so it makes sense to take it whenever you can. 

You may not get the “wow” gift you want this Christmas, but if you get the opportunity to link up with people to help you on your property journey, that could be your best present ever!

Have you ever made any good business contacts over the festive period? Did you benefit in a big way?  Please leave your comments below.

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