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Assuming you have a choice, which is the best time of year for you to sell your property in terms of maximising your chances of (a) selling (b) selling for a good price and (c) selling quickly?

Sadly there is no magic answer.

However, stats show that some times of the year are better for finding buyers than others.

The more buyers there are, the greater the chance that they will increase the price and speed of your sale.

Spring is widely considered to be the best season for selling for most people. The weather is good, your garden and local environment may look their best and buyers are not restricted or distracted by things such as poor weather, Christmas and summer holidays.

Here is a look at the some of the seasonal factors to bear in mind when selling at different times of the year…

1. Winter

The weather is a big negative at this time of year, especially if your property is remote, rural or difficult to get to in terms of access roads, tracks or paths.

Outside areas like gardens may not look their best and could be dangerous to walk around in poor weather. 

Christmas and the New Year period will also play their part; the holiday period is relatively short but there is a long lead-in with Christmas shopping starting earlier and earlier every year.

People’s finances are tight and potential buyers are likely to want to get the main holiday period of the year out of the way before contemplating the huge purchase of a property.

More and more people are going away over the Christmas and New Year period. 

Relatively few buyers in winter means that it is probably the worse time to put your property on the market. 


2. Spring

In Spring it is almost as if buyers come out of hibernation and it is the optimum time of year to put your property on the market.

You can make your property look its smartest by a good spring-clean.

Your garden (if any) will be coming into bloom and the appearance of the sun on a regular basis (hopefully) will raise the spirits of buyers to look for somewhere to buy.

The Easter break is a popular time for many buyers to go house-hunting   


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3. Summer

Summer is not a great time for house buying because of the holiday season.

Summer is the peak vacation time and a large proportion of the population will be on holiday for a week or two during that period.    

If you are looking to sell to people with children, remember that they are usually obliged to take their holidays during the long summer vacation – and for the rest of the time they may have their hands full occupying their off-school children.

autumn real estate.jpg

4. Autumn

Autumn is usually a good time to sell your property. Buyers not able to look at property over the summer may find time to do so in the autumn.

They are not distracted by holidays and the weather may be mild enough not to be an obstacle.

Autumn is a beautiful season and properties with good gardens or localities may look particularly attractive to buyers at that time of year.

Many people like the idea of being in their home by Christmas or the New Year and so begin to house-hunt at the start of autumn. 

If you are hoping for an autumn sale, it is good practice to place your property on the market early since the market tends to slow after October as the weather draws in and the holiday period becomes more of a priority.

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5. Conclusion

If possible, avoid putting your property on the market during a period of low activity. The height of summer and December are particularly bad times of the year.

January can be slow too, especially if the weather is bad.

Your property is likely to sell for more and faster the more buyers there are chasing after it.

If you absolutely must sell at a bad time of the year, look at smart steps to sell your house fast and look to choose an agent who will be around to market your property throughout that period.

If you have sold a property, what time of year did you sell?  How did it go? Please leave your comments below.

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