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I have provided property mentoring or coaching in various ways to suit a variety of learning preferences. My newest method is the MUSKETEERS MENTORING MASTERCLASS.

The inspiration came from the 19th century Alexandre Dumas novel, The  Three Musketeers, with its famous rallying cry:

“All for one and one for all!”

In the novel, D’Artagnan and his 3 friends from the regiment of the King’s Musketeers – Athos, Porthos and Aramis – defend the honour of the regiment and the queen at a time of power struggles being played out all across seventeenth century France.


The masterclass format

MUSKETEERS MENTORING MASTERCLASSES (or MMM) are based on the age old concept that there is strength in numbers, cooperation and teamwork.

Five students or mentees become a group of “five musketeers”, taking its cue from the 1979 movie “The Fifth Musketeer” which was based on the premise that there were in fact five musketeers. 

Each musketeer has the benefit of individual one-to-one property mentoring, training, instruction, advice and assistance as is standard.

Coaching is specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements and circumstances of the individual.

However, there is also the opportunity (but not the obligation) for individual students to talk to, meet up and generally interact with their fellow musketeers with the goal of working together – perhaps on a joint idea, project or venture – with the ultimate objective of benefiting from the combined resources, wisdom and strength of others and the group.

476218616-612x612.jpgAn opportunity to work together

As with all my mentoring, nothing is obligatory and everything is optional. Freedom and flexibility are key objectives. Therefore students have the opportunity to take strength from the group but there is no requirement to do so.

The extent of interaction is not determined by me but by the choices and preferences of the individuals in the group. Individuals alone decide the degree and duration of their interaction with others.

That is clearly right. There will be occasions when individuals may benefit from group interaction. However, there will also be occasions when they need to focus exclusively on their own unique circumstances and zone in on their own priorities and preferences.

Group members are more likely to want to work together where they have chosen the same or similar property strategies and have similar goals or objectives.

Typical group activities will include:

  • Discussion groups
  • Workshops
  • Crunching numbers
  • Property assessments
  • Project assessments
  • Deal assessments
  • Property viewings
  • Site viewings
  • Property planning sessions.

My assistance throughout is “mentee-centred” which means it is tailored to suit the specific circumstances and requirements of each individual mentee or student.    

The appeal of musketeers mentoring masterclasses.

The masterclasses will appeal particularly to people who like the idea of working with others – to some extent at least – pooling their knowledge and experiences to enhance their own personal success by tapping into the collective strength, knowledge and wisdom of a group.

Privacy and confidentiality are afforded the highest importance and individual students are free to reveal or discuss as much or as little of their own personal circumstances and affairs as they wish.


My property mission

MUSKETEERS MENTORING MASTERCLASSES fit into my mission to assist everyday people to own property as a means of acquiring substantial capital and wealth as a necessary fightback against the “one percenters” – the one percent of the world’s population which, according to Credit Suisse Research Institute Global Wealth Report 2017, controls 50% of global household wealth.

The first MMM group is being formed as I write this blog  and will consist of a diverse mix of musketeers, with limited property experience and modest financial resources, looking to own property as a home and/or an investment.

The period of mentoring will vary according to the goals of each musketeer, but usually it will be between 6 and 24 months.

Telling the story of the musketeers

With the permission of the musketeers I will be telling their story in a number of blogs in the coming months.    

I will be taking a frank, fly-on-the-wall look at their quest for property success, highlighting the failures as well as the triumphs of their journey.

I will be shining a light on how they negotiate critical things such as:

  • Objective identification of achievable goals
  • Effective strategy selection
  • Developing a winning property plan
  • Acquisition of knowledge and effective use of time
  • Raising of money or investment capital
  • Plan implementation, review and accountability
  • Risk assessment and minimisation
  • Leveraging profit by teamwork, partnerships and joint ventures.

It will be a blunt and real account of the challenges of becoming a property owner faced by everyday people who weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth but are determined to claim their fair share of the nation’s undoubted wealth. 

As the mentor, my primary role is to help musketeers identify and achieve their personal goals whilst giving them the opportunity to engage profitably with others both inside and outside their musketeer group.

My approach is not the glossy, pseudo-scientific, disingenuous one of much of the bloated property training industry which is all too frequently more about profiteering than helping.

I rely on my many years of property experience as a lawyer, investor and mentor to provide hands-on, direct, practical, straightforward, no-nonsense advice and assistance to get the results my students require.      

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