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Raising a house deposit is not rocket science or climbing Everest.  First you need to mentally commit to raising the deposit, then you need to just get on with the task in a workman-like systematic way.

1. I got fed up of listening!

After listening over the years to countless people telling me that they could not buy a property because they couldn’t raise a deposit, I have finally done something about it in the form of my book QUICK HOUSE DEPOSIT.

A few people have asked me what the book deals with. So I am devoting this blog to providing a brief outline of its content.

It is not a review – I leave that to you guys if you get a copy.

2. Who the book is for

The book is for anyone with an interest in owning a property – tenants, landlords and investors. However, it will particularly appeal to first time buyers because they typically find it so hard to get on the property ladder.

If you own a property already, don’t think this book is not for you. I have had a few people say that to me. No, think about the people you know who have yet to buy their first property, especially younger people – the famed millennials:

  • Children
  • Grandchildren
  • Nephews & nieces
  • Godchildren
  • Colleagues
  • Family
  • Friends

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Raising a deposit
The importance of savings
The best time to buy

3. The goal is to raise the deposit fast

Mirroring the subject it addresses, QUICK HOUSE DEPOSIT has been deliberately written as a short, straightforward and easy to handle little  book.

The book arose out of a conversation with a friend who wanted to raise £20,000 for a deposit within 6 months. However, the speed in which a deposit is raised is not the most important thing. What’s central is bloody-minded application and persistence – sticking doggedly to the task until the targeted amount – whatever it is – large or small – is reached.

The book explores over 50 different ways to raise a deposit.

50 Ways To Put Together A Deposit in 6 Months

4. What the book deals with

The first chapter looks at raising a deposit, possibly in one go, using a property owned by you or someone else you know, who is prepared to help you.

Not everyone will have a property or will know someone with a property and so Chapter 2 looks at ways of raising large sums without using a property.

Chapter 3 looks at raising a large number of smaller sums, which can quickly add up to a large amount.  The focus is on ruthlessly cutting out unnecessary spending, reducing necessary expenditure and saving money.

As you go through the different ways to save money, jot down what you think you could save given your own circumstances. Add them up at the end to see what sort of total you are looking at. 

The government has made it easier for first time buyers and a few others to buy their first property and that is dealt with in Chapter 4.



5. The get out of jail card of shared ownership

The final chapter recognises that not everyone will be able to reach their deposit target and looks at “shared ownership”. This is where a buyer buys at least 25% of a property with the possibility (usually) of buying the rest at a later date.

If a deposit-saver misses their target, nothing is lost. They can carry on saving until the target is reached, or they can use the amount they have  raised to buy a shared ownership property – if that is something that interests them.   

6. Really a book about good money management

As I wrote QUICK HOUSE DEPOSIT I increasingly realised that it is not just about saving a deposit to buy a property. It is fundamentally about good money management. It is about raising money, making money, cutting down on expenditure and saving money.

I think it is a pocket-size win-win manual for anyone who wants an insight into saving money… but then, of course, I would say that wouldn’t I!

Be your own judge!  See what you think of the book here.    

Don’t forget to provide a review once you have read the book. 

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